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The Runcie Family Name Association

Office Bearers

1. Lord Robert K. Runcie
(Founding Chairman)
2. John W. Runcie
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Runcie families worldwide

Below is a list of the number of known Runcie families (282) and their geographic distribution taken from ‘The Burke’s Peerage World Book of Runcies’, 1996.

  • Scotland 116 families
  • England 58 families
  • Wales 4 families
  • United States 77 families
  • Canada 20 families
  • Australia 7 families
  • Germany 1 family
  • South Africa 3 families
  • Jamaica
  • Argentina
  • Columbia
  • Peru

The last four countries are not in the Burke’s Book; they have only recently been added. We will include further families as and when we are notified of them or become aware of their existence.

The Association Working Worldwide
We hope to have an area chairman in every country where Runcie membership exists. In which who have a high number of members we could possibly have more than one chairman. The function of these chairmen would be to organize and run the group in their area increasing membership, arranging meetings, events and social gatherings news from these groups would be reported on this site.