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The Runcie Family Name Association

Office Bearers

1. Lord Robert K. Runcie
(Founding Chairman)
2. John W. Runcie
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About the Association

Membership of “The Runcie Family Name Association” is open to all those interested in the Runcie name either from a family name or genealogical point of view. Our email address is info@runciefamily.com.  

The Association came into being in 1997 when John W. Runcie of  Craiglug Ferryhill, Aberdeen, Scotland decided that it was about time we had some way to bring together all people throughout the world with the name Runcie or with an interest in the name.

This website will enable members to contact each other with items of interest or as an aid with family history. It will also allow a record to be kept of the history and the lineage of the Runcie family and also to disseminate this and any other information or items of interest to our members. He contacted the Archbishop of Canterbury who readily agreed to become our Founding Chairman.

Armorial Bearings or Badge
There is an English Coat of Arms attributed to the name Runcie, with the motto “By Sea” with the crest being ‘a Seahorse erect Or, holding in the fore fins a thistle leaved’. A copy of the arms shown in Burke’s armorial bearings can be found on our homepage. Ultimately the Association would like to devise an Association Heraldic Coat of Arms of their own. This would be registered in Scotland, and would belong to the members and could be used freely by members worldwide.

Motto of the Association
“prospice ut videre posteritam” meaning “Look to the past to see the future”

Our Clan
The Runcie name was without a clan for many years, However we have now been recognised as a “sept” of the Buchan Clan. The Buchan site contains large number of sites which could help with family history research. The names Runcie and its derivative Runcy are accepted as “septs”. For more details on the Buchan Clan click here.