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The French Connection

We are indebted to Nicole Saulnier, Paris for her help in researching the Rouncy name. She discovered that there was a Count Rouncy in 905 so we may all have some connections to the aristocracy even although we may have only worked for them.

Using Geneanet she found Eblo de Rouncy born about 990 AD Ebio Eblo Roucy / Rouncy and his daughter Alice de Roucy was born circa 1014 at Roucy, Aisne.

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This tree can be extended to some 15 generations. Large numbers of sites with the name Rouncy can be found at geneanet.

Nicole was also able to find out the following Rouncy derivatives from the Paris telephone directory.

Raincy one family and Rancy five families.

Although as in the UK the name Rouncy may have died out, as has possibly the French Rouncy, and Roucy the above families would certainly appear to be derivatives.

The village of Roucy still exists near Aisne, Picardy, France.