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Runcie’s in Banffshire Scotland

The Old Church in Cullen is one of the oldest churches in Banff and records show that there was a church there in 1236. King Robert the Bruce established a chapelry to pray for the soul of his wife who died in Cullen.

The following is information about the Runcie graves in the churchyard.

This stone is erected by George Gardiner Merchant Banff in memory of his father William Gardiner carpenter Cullen who departed this life April 1848 also in memory of his mother Jannet Runcie who was committed to the dust in June of above year. (Plot 68)

This stone is here in memory of Thomas Coull and his wife Margaret Runcie 28 May l740 (Plot 90)

As a tribute of affection and gratitude this stone is erected by Elspet Runcie in memory of her late worthy husband John Runcie in Seatown of Cullen who died 23April 1818 aged 67 years also in memory of her son who died 3 September 1817 aged 37 years and is interred on his estate Doorensvieede in the colony of Demerari; and in memory of Elspet Runcie who died in November 1835 aged 81years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. (Plot 164)

Here lye interred the body of William Runcie Seamen in the Seatown of Cullen and of Margaret Woods his spouse. She died August l0th 1771 aged 72 years. He was born May 30th 1702; died August 28th 1779. He was eminent for his piety, prudence, good sense and good conduct, highly respected while he live and justly regretted when he died. (Plot 106)

Sacred to the memory of John Runcie, Seamen of Cullen who died 13th April 1833 aged 69years. Erected by Margaret Findlay his wife. (Plot 107)

Sacred to the memory of George Runcie who departed this life 20th July 1821 aged 71years; also Margaret Philip his spouse who died the 16th May 1831 aged 83years. (Plot 109)

The following paragraphs are taken from the Annals of Cullen (the church records)

Churches in those days meted out punishments for crimes in the community.

In November 1645 we have Wm Runsie beadsman died (a beadsman was poor man housed by the community)

In 1664 Margaret Duffe gave in ane bill of complaint against Isobel Thain for calling her drunken jade, filthie queen,and loussie hussy; also ion Runsie skipper against Janet Pirrie for calling him the ife, and his wife witch. Janet Pirie and Helen Runsie ordained to stand in thesaccloathe and in the joges. Janet called Helen excommunicat witch that she had the devil on a chaine and could louse him when she pleased, and that all her kin dyed in the devils arms. Helen cursed Janet wishing her the falling evil and to be drouned as some of her kin were, and called her a harlot.